Don Militaria Roadmap

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Don Militaria Roadmap

In this article you can read our future plans for Don Militaria.

Don Militaria develops every day with love and passion for militaria and its community. We are close to our customers and try to be as transparent as possible so we would like to share with you what our plans are for the future. The goals are divided between short term (<1 year) and long term (<10 years)


1. Adding background information to militaria

We are busy providing background information on as many products as possible. Since when the militaria was used, during what time period and by whom exactly. So that you can be sure that you have the right uniform, for example.

2. Expand current categories

We try to get our current categories as complete as possible. Are you looking for something but can't find it? Let us know!

3. More original militaria

We want more original militaria in our shop, but this is difficult because of the varying quality and extreme price differences. We currently stick to common original militaria, but in the long term we want to add more rare militaria.

4. Sell other militaria-related items

Think of metal detectors or militaria before the First World War. We are still looking at what suits our shop and whether this is possible within our conditions and vision.

5. sew service

We would like to offer a service to sew the insignia on uniforms for you.


1. Official physical stores and showrooms of Don Militaria

Our ultimate goal is to have small showrooms/shops in Europe where you can order the items digitally. We will, therefore, have an employee with a good knowledge of war history. Because most items are expensive, we will not stock them in the store because this will require extra security.

2. French translation

We would like to translate our shop in French. This will be a long and expensive process due to a large number of products and texts on our site. We do not use Google translate, so an employee will have to come that speaks French who can also reply to our French customer service mails.

3. Telephone customer service

When we started this company, only a small number of callers were interested in our products and most of them were researchers or people who wanted to 'smear' us. The callers who were interested in our products had many questions about the history of war and which insignia belonged to which uniform. This took so much time that we decided to only actively respond to emails and messages and only use the phone for real business contact.

This has been great so far and because our shipping process is always insured, we have minimal problems with orders. As a result, our customer service is never charged and we can always respond quickly to any question/comment.

However, in the future we would like to have a multilingual customer service with extensive knowledge of history. This will likely come at the same time as a physical showroom/store.

4. Organize/attend events

Our main ambition is to officially attend or even organize militaria events as a company in collaboration with museums or organizations with the aim of teaching people about the history of war.

5. Advocate clear law on militaria

As a company, we will argue for a clear law on militaria. Our militaria is legal in all countries for the right purposes, however, this is not explicitly indicated, causing constant confusion and we often get the question if our articles are legal in certain countries.

Unfortunately, we never have control over the future, but we work hard every day to achieve these goals. We hope you notice the passion and love we have put into this company so far and will continue to put in.

Thanks for reading!


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