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Made in Europe

When you hear made in Europe you immediately think of high quality. In a world where everything comes from the Far East to profit as much as possible, we do things differently and we are proud of that.

Why Europe?

It is obvious because the biggest reason that almost all our items come from Europe is of course that the original items were also made here. Many new militaria are also made exactly like the original ones for the most realistic portrayal possible. This needs attention and passion. Something that cannot be found in, for example, a Chinese factory. The militaria industry with the exception of traders is relatively small so not many people work in this industry but the people who do work in this industry are happy to do so. Working conditions in every workplace in Europe from which Don Militaria receives its items are particularly good. This allows us to always sell the reproduction items with a good and honest feeling.

Quality> Quantity

Everyone in the militaria industry always puts quality above quantity. And when it comes to original items there is no quantity. After all, every re-enactor, filmmaker or collector always prefers the most accurate option of uniforms and accessories. Because we are a shop focused on reproduction militaria, this is, of course, our top priority. When we started setting up Don Militaria, we had been active in the militaria industry for some time. Here we noticed that many militaria shops charged high prices because there were so few other shops where people could buy these items.

We believe that quality reproduction militaria should be affordable for anyone who does not have a large budget but wants to participate in reenactment or is an amateur filmmaker. When we started this shop there were no uniforms to be found because we could not yet offer them for a price that matches the rest of our range. We have now succeeded and you will not easily find uniforms for the same quality and price as on Don Militaria. The disadvantage of quality over quantity is the long restocking times, however many of our customers are willing to accept this. It takes on average six months to a year for our European workshops to have a new delivery of uniforms ready. Our accessories are always back in stock faster, but even they take at least a month.

Leren schoenen in de maak

Where is it made?

You probably wonder where our workplaces are located. We would like to share that the workshops are spread across Italy, Germany and Poland. The places where of course a lot of original comes from. Our main warehouses are located in Italy and Poland. We have a small storage and office in the Netherlands, we do this because prices in the Netherlands per m2 are of course much higher. Our uniforms and accessories come from Germany and Poland. Nazi Germany reproductions mainly from Italy. This has to do with local regulations. It is however not illegal in any country to buy/own militaria for re-enactment, filmmakers or official collectors. 

Europa verbonden

Will Don Militaria stay in Europe?

Yes! Our items will always come from Europe with the same trusted quality as you are used to. Our only ambition is to open a warehouse in America in the distant future, but it will only receive items from our workshops in Europe.


There are still plenty of challenges for us as a company and partners. Don Militaria never stops growing. The biggest challenge we have is trying to stay as close to our customers as possible (in corona times, of course, at an appropriate distance). The growing number of orders and customers sometimes makes it more difficult to help everyone as we did before. For example, we love to help you put together an accurate uniform, but it takes a lot of time. To help with this, we added the ranks to the shop as far as possible. If you send us a message, we will always send you a reply that is as clear and friendly as possible. In addition to delivering quality, the customer service experience is also very important to us and this has also given us many voluntary positive reviews.

Another challenge is reliable transport around and outside of Europe. We can deliver within 2 to 4 working days in any country in Europe. something we are proud of and our customers satisfied with. Our packages are always insured so that the chance that something happens to them is almost zero. Even in times of corona, our customers are satisfied with the sometimes longer delivery times. Unfortunately, it remains a challenge because we depend on our couriers for delivery. As a result, we do not control the entire process ourselves. We are always looking for the best and most reliable delivery options for our customers and if that means switching couriers we will not hesitate.

The future

Despite the fact that we sell items from history or based on history, we always look to the future. Many people today no longer see the value of history or find it uninteresting. Due to our scope, modern shop and young spirit, we hope to reach many people who will delve into the history of war. Want to know our exact plans for the future? Read our detailed roadmap!

Kijkend naar de toekomst

Thank you for reading this blog post and visiting our shop. If you leave a comment below this post it may take a while before we read it as we do not receive any notifications from here.

Lest we forget.


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