Kriegsmarine ranks

Flag officer ranks

Admiral ranks
Title Großadmiral Generaladmiral Admiral Vizeadmiral Konteradmiral
Kriegsmarine-Großadmiral (s).svg
Kriegsmarine epaulette Generaladmiral.svg
Kriegsmarine epaulette Admiral.svg
Kriegsmarine epaulette Vizeadmiral.svg
Kriegsmarine epaulette Konteradmiral.svg
Sleeve lace
Command flag Kriegsmarine Grossadmiral-Flag 1945.svg Kriegsmarine Generaladmiral-Flag 1945 v2.svg Kriegsmarine Admiral-Flag 1945 v1.svg Kriegsmarine Vizeadmiral-Flag 1945 v1.svg Kriegsmarine Konteradmiral-Flag 1945.svg


Officer ranks

Line officers, Captains Lieutenant and Lieutenants
Title Kommodore Kapitän zur See Fregattenkapitän Korvettenkapitän Kapitänleutnant Oberleutnant zur See Leutnant zur See
Epaulette Kriegsmarine KptzS.svg Kriegsmarine epaulette Fregattenkapitän.svg Kriegsmarine epaulette Korvettenkapitän.svg Kriegsmarine-Kapitänleutnant (s).svg Kriegsmarine shoulder Oberleutnant zur See.svg Kriegsmarine shoulder Leutnant zur See.svg
Sleeve lace Kriegsmarine-Kommodore.svg Kriegsmarine-Kapitän zur See.svg Kriegsmarine-Fregattenkapitän.svg Kriegsmarine-Korvettenkapitän.svg Kriegsmarine-Kapitänleutnant.svg Kriegsmarine-Oberleutnant zur See.svg Kriegsmarine-Leutnant zur See.svg


Officer candidate ranks

Officer training ranks
Title Oberfähnrich zur See Fähnrich zur See Seekadett Offiziersanwärter
Shoulder board Kriegsmarine shoulder Oberfähnrich zur see.svg Kriegsmarine shoulder Fähnrich zur see.svg No shoulder board
Sleeve lace Kriegsmarine-Oberfähnrich zur See.svg Kriegsmarine-Offiziersanwärter.svg


Warrant officer and Chief petty officer ranks

Within the rank group of Unteroffiziere mit Portepee there were two career paths; one leading to Warrant officer equivalent, and one leading to Chief petty officer equivalent. The first path was based on the Imperial Navy Deckoffiziere, Warrant officers, and lead straight from Petty officer, third class equivalent to Warrant officer equivalent. The second led from Petty officer, third class equivalent, to Petty officer, second class equivalent, to Petty officer, first class equivalent, and finally to Chief petty officer equivalent, for those allowed to remain in service after the end of the twelve years service obligation.

Warrant and Chief Petty Officer Ranks
Title Stabsoberfeldwebel Oberfeldwebel Stabsfeldwebel Feldwebel
Shoulder board Kriegsmarine shoulder Stabsoberbootsmann.svg Kriegsmarine shoulder Oberbootsmann.svg Kriegsmarine shoulder Stabsbootsmann.svg Kriegsmarine shoulder Bootsmann.svg
Shore insignia KMMasterChiefShore.jpg KMSeniorChief.jpg KMVetShoreChief.jpg KMShoreChief.jpg


Petty officer ranks

Unteroffiziere ohne Portepee (also: Maate)
Title Obermaat Maat            
Collar tab Kriegsmarine collar Oberbootsmannmaat.svg Kriegsmarine collar Bootsmannmaat.svg            
Shore insignia SeniorPOShoulder.jpg ShorePettyOfficerKM.jpg            

Petty officers also wore a large rating badge on their left sleeve, beneath which were displayed authorized trade badges. Shore uniforms were worn with a Germany Army style sergeant's shoulder boards and golden collar trim.


Seamen ranks

Mannschaften (Seamen ranks)    
Title Matrosenoberstabsgefreiter Matrosenstabsgefreiter Matrosenhauptgefreiter Matrosenobergefreiter Matrosengefreiter Matrose    
Collar tab NavyRectangle.jpg    
Sleeve chevron Matrosenoberstabsgefreiter - Kriegsmarine.png Matrosenstabsgefreiter - Kriegsmarine.png Kriegsmarine - Matrosenhauptgefreiter.svg Kriegsmarine - Matrosenobergefreiter.svg Kriegsmarine - Matrosengefreiter.svg None    
Shore insignia
(shoulder boards)

Enlisted sailors also wore a rating badge above their rank chevrons while trade badges were displayed below. Enlisted chevrons on the shore uniform were gold colored with a dark green background.

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