About Don Militaria

What/who is Don Militaria?

Don Militaria stands shortened for sale of original and reproduction militaria in Dutch. We started in summer 2019.

Don Militaria is a reliable transparent non-political and safe webshop for mainly replica first and second world war militaria.

Why does Don Militaria also sell a lot of reproduction militaria from specifically Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy?

These items available on the webshop should only be used for historical education, re-enactment/airsoft or collection purposes and are not sold for anything else.

Don Militaria about war:

War is terrible and must be prevented at all costs; Don Militaria deplores the immense suffering that has recently been inflicted on humanity, partly due to Germany and Italy. We must all be aware of our European history. Anyone who denies the atrocities of the Nazis and the crimes in which the Wehrmacht was involved is a dangerous person.

Don Militaria explicitly distances itself from all ideas from the right and left and abhors any kind of violence against other people! But war, and with it weapons, uniforms, equipment etc. are man-made and therefore always part of our history.

The items offered here represent these items from history. They are intended exclusively for re-enactors, film & theater, collectors and correct historical education. The articles may absolutely not be used for propaganda or other seriously inappropriate purposes as it is also described in the law.

The highest degree of replicas therefore also implies the presence of insignia (of all countries). However, this is only intended for the correct representation of history and is not a glorification, approval or justification for the era or its stakeholders.

Don Militaria also explicitly distances itself from all links to this webshop that exist on (extreme) political websites. Don Militaria does not agree with these links and the content of such websites! Unfortunately, these links cannot be prevented.

The brand

The recognizable eagle with a wreath below with the Netherlands and Belgium can yield wrong ideas, but Don Militaria assures you that the only idea behind this is that Don Militaria specializes mainly in militaria of the Third Reich.

At first the idea was a lion, but you cannot find a lot of Dutch or Belgian militaria on this site. The eagle is the clearest and fastest recognizable together with the countries. The logo is also a direct indication (or warning) for which items this site is and the name makes it clear that no political ideas can be found here. Only the eagle including the Netherlands and Belgium with or without the trade name is the official brand logo of Don Militaria!

Promotions & advertisements

Don Militaria will not promote articles with hateful symbols or slogans without first covering them and advertising only in places where only Don Militaria can find its target groups the articles through, for example, a search term. Furthermore, articles with hateful symbols will never be directly discounted for more sales. Instead, Don Militaria has discounts valid on all items within select categories in all country's.

Don militaria absolutely does not want to reach other people outside its target groups and takes no responsibility for the (uncontrollable) abuse or promotion of its items for which they are not intended by others.

Who started Don Militaria?

Don Militaria was founded by a youngster in 2019 who has always been interested in history and retail. I like to watch documentaries and re-enactment events of all years, but mainly the second world war. Personally, I think freedom is the most important thing there is because freedom also ensures that this webshop can exist (under logical conditions) in the Netherlands.

This shop collaborates with different European workshops to deliver the best possible quality for decent prices and fast delivery times so that anyone interested in the first and second world wars can become a re-enactor, collector or movie maker.

Thank you very much for reading.

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